Saturday, October 1, 2011

Coors Light Fried Chicken Rebate - thru 10-31-11

Coors Light has a new Mail in Rebate out that is a great one for anyone who likes Fried Chicken and lives in Virginia.

You must spend a Minimum of $10.00 on Fried Chicken - between 9-1-11 and 10-31-11 (maybe you already have a receipt saved - that you can submit with this form).  Then take your receipt and this original Mail in Rebate form and send it in and you will get $5.98 back in the form of a check - How easy is that to save don't need to buy anything other than Fried Chicken !

If you shop at Martin's in Harrisonburg beginning on Sunday 10-2-11 they will have their Eight Piece Fried Chicken on sale for $6.99.   So you could purchase two of these - making your total $13.98 for 16 pieces of chicken then use that receipt with this Mail in Rebate and get your $5.98 - so your net expense would be $8.00 for the 16 pieces.   A great deal !

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