Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mail in rebates - for Chips, Propane and More

This first Mail in Rebate form was found at both Martin's and Kroger's in Harrisonburg.  It's sponsored by Bud Light Beer but does not require you to purchase beer to complete the rebate.

The details of the offer are
1) It runs from 8-1-11 to 10-31-11, and you have until 11-15-11 to mail it in.
2) You will get $7.00 back in the mail when you spend $14.00 on any of the specified items, so you can mix and match or spend the whole $14.00 on one type of item.   I love this rebate - for things like potatoe chips (which come under salty snacks), ketchup, relish, mustard, pickles, (under the heading of condiments), or even a refill on your propane tank for the BBQ grill.
3) It's valid in several states including Virginia and you can even use multiple receipts to arrive at your $14.00 total.

Doing rebates such as this earns you a 50 % return on your grocery shopping for buying the things we all use everyday.

The second rebate was found at Food Lion. It's sponsored by Coors Light and is offer # 103079. It does not require you to purchase beer to complete the rebate.  It runs from 9-12-11 to 11-30-11 and the details are that you will get a $3.00 check in the mail with the purchase of any TWO (2) 8 oz or larger bags of Snyder's of Hanover Pretzels, Cape Cod Chips, Krunchers Chips or Grands Tortilla Chips OR  ANY (yes it says ANY) salty snack.   So this could be used for other types of chips or even peanuts !

This rebate is only good in MN, NY, UT, VA or WV. You must spend a minimum of $6.00 on your salty snack purchase.  Again a 50% return on your money spent.

As with all rebates you must submit your original cash register receipt(s) along with the original Mail in rebate forms. 

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