Monday, October 31, 2011

New Printable Coupon Round Up

New this morning from Coupon Network - Nice High Value Coupon
Save $3.25 off any One Zyrtec - 12 ct or larger - Ip Here

If you plan on shopping today - please do this scenario because these items are basically free wehn you  add up all the savings, from the Printed coupons and the ECpns - The ecpns expire today - so shop today.
$.40 off No Yolks - Printable Coupon - Here
$.40 off No Yolks - Savings Star Ecpn - Here this is a single use coupon and expires 10-31, but if you shop today with the new printable it's an additional savings
$.40 off  - UPromise Ecpn - Sign up below - Exps 10-31

$.35 off Diamond Crystal Salt Sense - Printable Coupon - Here
$.35 off -Savings Star Ecpn - Here - single use cpn - Expires 10-31
$.35 off -Upromise Ecpn - Sign up below - Exps 10-31

$.40 off  Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt - Printable Cpn - Here
$.40 off - Savings Star Ecpn - Here - single use - Expires 10-31
$.40 off - Upromise Ecpn - Sign up below - exp 10-31

$.40 off Diamond Crystal Sea Salt - Printable Cpn - Here 
$.40 off Savings Star Ecpn - Here - Single Use - Exp 10-31
$.40 off Upromise Ecpn - Sign up below - Exp 10-31

Savings Star is a really great program - you should join if you have not.  They offer a variety of ECpns (Electronic Coupons) that you can select to add to your various bonus cards.  You simply need to create an account - which you can do thru any of the links above.  Register your various store rewards cards -there are lots of stores that participate.

Then select the Ecpns you would like to load to your account and then shop, no coupons to carry with you.  When you purchase a qualifying item the amount of the Ecpn does not come off at the register, but it is deposited into your Savings Star Account.  Once you reach $5.00 in your account you can request to be paid out - in the form of a check or even Amazon Gift Cards.  

This program is great because you can use a Manufacturers Printed coupon or a coupon you have clipped from the paper and the Ecpn will work also, on the same purchase.

Now if you have not done so you should also sign up for UPromise - this is another Electronic Coupon Site that rewards you in many ways.  Again you create an account and register your rewards cards for many stores I have Food Lion, CVS, Rite Aid, Giant/Martin's and Kroger cards all registered.

Select the Ecpns you want and the value is deposited into your UPromise Account, when you purchase the items.  This account can be great because you can use it to save for College or you can request a check when you reach $10.00 in your account.  Again - no coupons to clip and carry with you just - load them to your card and shop.   I have been a member of this for three years and love it. 

Click on this link image below to get started -


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