Friday, October 21, 2011

Save 33 % on Glade and Ziploc Products at Kmart thru 12-25-11

Coupon Network has a deal from KMart that we can all take advantage of

to see the deal and the list of stores.  I also suggest printing the deal to carry in your coupon binder, just in case you run into any problem at check out time.

Spend $15.00 or more, on Glade and/or Ziploc Products, from now until 12-25-11 and you will get a Coupon when you check out at the register for $5.00 off you next order (ie transaction).  We call these OYNO (On Your Next Order Coupons) and they are great !  Most of us couponers like to "roll" the Cat - meaning pay for your first transaction, get your $5 OYNO Coupon and then do another transaction - using the first cpn to pay for the items and get another $5 OYNO - this can really reduce your costs.   Or if you don't need more Glade and Ziploc, use the Coupon to by Milk, Bread or anything else.

You must purchase all items, ie  $15.00 in one shopping order - this is a 33% savings !

This can include alot of products - Glade candles and air freshners, Ziploc storage bags - for those holiday treats and leftovers.

Don't forget you can still use coupons when you do these type of deals also.

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