Sunday, November 27, 2011

Time to Do The CareGivers Market Place - Mail in rebate for 2011

If you have not done so now is the time to think about doing
The Care Givers Market Place Rebate for 2011.

It's a site designed for people who provide care to someone else like a baby or a elderly person.

This is a rebate that I have done and always gotten money back for lots of things. The items have changed from yr to yr.

You can find the web site Here: The Caregivers Marketplace

You create an account and there is one rebate form that is good all year long, in this case 2011 is coming to an end so it's a good time to round up your receipts. Once you have purchased 5 of any combination of the items on the form you can mail it in, and your can do the rebate throughout the yr multiple times.

The form used to be downloadable on the web site - but for some reason it's not working at the moment - so the other day I simply emailed them and they sent me the form via email.

The rebate covers several Items:

Gold Bond
Icy Hot

In some cases it's a $1 per item rebate - so worth it !

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