Thursday, February 2, 2012

DiGiorno Large Pizza for Free this Week

This week is a great week to add some DiGiorno Large Pizzas to your Freezer for FREE.

With Super Bowl coming, on Sunday alot of stores, have them on sale. CVS has them on sale in the flyer Buy One Get One Free. They don't have a price in the flyer and each day this week I called my local CVS and they were sold out.

Martin's has them on sale for $5.00 and there were Coupons in the 1-29-12 Saturday Daily Record newspaper for $2.00 off when you purchase two (these coupons are only good until 2-5-12). I also had Three different Mail in Rebates, to get $8.00 back in the mail when I purchased two pizzas. These rebates were sponsored by Miller Beer and had different offer numbers ( 105498, 104829, 105491).

I had to do 3 transactions, buying 2 Pizzas each time and using One Coupon, I paid $8.00 at Martin's. I was able to take each receipt and submit it along with one of the rebates. In about 6 weeks I will get 3 checks back in the Mail for $8 each, thus my only cost for six large pizzas will have been the tax I paid at the store and the $.44 postage stamp I needed to mail each rebate.

Look for rebates like these everytime you go to the store. I often find them on cardboard displays in the beer isles. If your stores don't seem to have them, ask friends and family members to watch for them also.

Here is a photo of a Rebate form, the Martin's ad and the Coupon that made this deal work.

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