Thursday, February 2, 2012

How do I Get Coupons and What paper should I Buy ?

You will need a method for obtaining more than one cpn for a particular item if you want to really increase your savings and be able to get rock bottom pricing and stock up on items when they are on sale.

First, do some research to determine what is the best paper in your area to purchase to obtain coupon inserts. Most people will purchase a Sunday paper, but in alot of areas, like in the Harrisonburg area you can purchase a paper on Saturday for a fraction of the cost of a Sunday paper and it will have alot of the same cpns you would get in the Sunday paper.

I purchase the Harrisonburg Daily Record on Saturday for $.50 each. If you want the highest valued cpns then the Sunday Washington Post would be my paper of choice, but it costs $2.50 !

I recommend setting up an email account that you will only use for couponing. This prevents your personal email getting mixed in with your couponing emails.

There are lots of inexpensive ways to get cpns:

1) Sign up on all Manufactures web sites for companies that you like products from they often send out cpns in emails. Most web site addresses are listed product labels.

2) Email companies directly and ask them if they offer cpns via mail. Make sure you tell them why you like their product !

3) Ask around in your neighborhood, apartment building or work place and see who might get papers but does not use the cpns. Ask family members, you would be surprised how many people throw out the cpns.

4) Make sure you take advantage of printing cpns from This blog. We offer you the hottest new printables from and Redplum,and CouponNetwork. Make sure you are signed up for ecpns thru cellfire, and Savings Star and thru the stores where you shop like Kroger, Martin's and Food Lion.

5) Try to "buddy" up with someone who would also like to print cpns - freq. you and that person may not be interested in the same cpns - and you can print things for them and they for you (just make sure you trust one another not to photocopy - as that is fraud).

6) If you belong to a group of some sort like - church or kids - ask people there if they use cpns.

7) Expand where you look for cpns - I don't know where you shop but frequently different stores have different policies about putting cpns out for people to pick up. Expand your horizons and take a walk thru stores you don't normally go too and make sure you LOOK - High & low - they will put things in strange places - the beer isle is good in VA for finding mail in rebates.

8) Ask at the customer service desks if they have cpns - each time you go in.

9) Take advantage of rewards programs like code rewards, pampers rewards etc - anything where you can earn something else for simply buying something you already like.

10) Look for places that might discard newspapers - like hotels and libraries and ask if you can have them.

11) Use a clipping service or look on Ebay for coupons.

12) Join or start a Coupon Train. This is a group of people who mail envelopes full of cpns from one person to the next on a rotating basis. The organizer is called to Conductor and prepares and organizes the mailing list of people participating and as the envelope passes form person to person, they take cpns out they can use and put in cpns they won't use.

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