Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dean's Dip N Heat Coupons could mean free Dip !

You can find and Print this Coupon by

It's a Manufacturer's Cpn and will print with a Rolling Exp date of 30 days.

there is a $2.00 Savings Star Ecpn offer that is good at Specific Stores that is a Match !

If you are not using Savings Star here is how it works !
SavingStar is a eCoupon service (Electronic Coupons ) that's totally paperless - so there's nothing to clip or print. Get over 30 eCoupons worth over $50!
It's like a savings account that works behind the scences when you make a purchase. There are lots of stores that participate and it's simple.

Set Up Your Savings Star Account by Clicking Here:
 GO TO SAVINGS STAR !    Or You can do it right thru the Coupon Link Itself !
2) Register you rewards cards for stores like CVS, Rite Aid and lots of grocery stores, Like Food Lion, Martin's, Kroger and more.
3) Select the Ecpns you want "loaded" to your cards that you just registered.  Many are single use cpns but they add up.  There are also "EOffers" that allow you to purchase a Specific Dollar Value of Products and receive $5 back over a period of time and even at different stores.
4) Purchase the items at any of the stores you have registered and the value of the Ecpn will be deposited into your Savings Star Account automatically. Sometimes it can take up to 30 days for the value to appear, depending upon the store you bought it at - but be patient.
5) When you reach a balance of $5 in your Savings Star account - you can ask to be paid out - in the form of a cash payment via check or even thru an Amazon Gift Card.
You can use a Clipped Manufactures Cpn or Printed Coupons like the one I posted above with the Ecpn as the value of the Ecpn does not come off at the register (it's deposited into your Savings Star Account) - it all happens behind the scences.
These cpns change all the time, and many are single use cpns, like the one above but the savings can really add up quickly.

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