Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Coca Coca great cpn to give a Friend and More - Earn Bonus Point last day 7-31

then change the Zip code to 10022 and look for this image

Under the Image it says click here - when you do it will take you to Facebook
Then you can send your facebook friends a short little video with a $.99 coke cpn

Can't send it to your self (that I know of)....I sent several this morning and I'm hoping to
 get some in return...

Also today is the last day to take advantage of several special codes to earn bonus points on www.mycokerewards.com

If you have 2 codes from bottle caps you have not entered - put them in one, after the other,,,then Enter code Coke2012, as your 3rd enter and you will get a bonus of 10 points..

Then enter these four codes and for each one you will get a 10 point bonus for each !

Now if you have enough points to redeem (165 to be exact) there is a New rewards offer - redeem the 165 points for a FREE box of Ritz, Wheat Thins Crackers

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