Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Special K and Fiber Bar Cpns for the Buy 6 Gas category at Martin's thru 9-1

This Special K Coupon is Hidden Under Zip code 84121
 if you don't know how to change the Zip code
When you arrive a you will see a Tool Bar almost at the top of the Page
The Tabs are: Coupons, Savings Card, Local Coupons, Coupon Codes, Member Center, More
If you click on the "Local Coupons" Tab it will open Cpns that are for specific business in the local Zip code - you will now be able to see the Zip Code Box and you can put whatever Zip code you would like in that box.  Once you put in the "hidden" zip code you want to go to - like in this case 84121 - click once again on the COUPONS tab at the top of the Tool bar and you will be returned to the Grocery coupons, but for the local zip code you just entered.  You can explore many Zip codes and often find different Coupons.
This Cpn is a Match in the Buy 6 Gas category at Martin's thru Sat 9-1, they are priced at $2.50 ec

Also in the Buy 6 Category you can use this great Cpn for the Fiber bars also priced at $2.50

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