Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thanks Charles & Martin's for a great Easter Donation !

I was very lucky to have been at Martin's on Sunday when the Wonderful Manager, Charles was filling a hugh bin of King size Chocolate Bars and telling the cashier to let people know they were going to be $.50 each - yea that's right $.50 each.

I finished checking out with the order I had and then went to the candy bin to see what was there and was amazed to see so many of my favorites and things that were included in the March Madness Spend $25 get $7 ISO off deal.

I bought a bunch of loose candy from the bin and then I asked the Mgr if had any in unopened boxes and he told me he had a whole pallet !  He explained that he was a high volume store for Hershey and that NOT all Stores were getting this wonderful Bonus, but my Martin's did ! He was kind enough to let me go with him to the pallet and I purchased over 500 bars,  yes 500 candy bars !

The Hershey products counted in the Spend $25 get $7 ISO
Buy 50 bars X $.50 = $25
Get $7 ISO
OOP = $18 for 50 bars or $.36 each !

My Easter Donation - just exploded and I was so thankful and blessed by Martin's - Here is a picture of some of my purchase.

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