Monday, September 3, 2012

Tombstone Pizza - Get a Cpn when you check out

Martin's Has Tombstone Pizza on Sale this week for $3.50 Each when you buy them in
multiples of Two, so $7 for the Two

But here is the really good part of the deal ! Starting today you can get a Cpn when you check out for money on your next order when you purchase these.

From Coupon Network here is the Link to the Offer:
Save up to $3.00 in future savings when you buy large TOMBSTONE® pizzas

This offer is working at many stores - like Martin's Kroger, Food Lion, Harris Teeter and more - So check for your store !

Buy Large Tombstone Pizzas
Between 93-12 and 9-30-12
Buy (3) and Get a $1 OYNO Cpn
Buy (4) or more and get a $2 OYNO (so this is a great match for this sale) - buy 4 = $14.00, get a $2 Cpn when you check out ! It's like getting an additional $.50 off each pizza !
Buy (5) or more and get a $3 OYNO Cpn


  1. It looks like in the end you would end up paying $9.99 for 3 pizzas. B/c the deal is that you have to buy 2, but to get the cat you have to buy 3. and the third one costs $3.99. I wish they were just on sale for 2/$7 instead of a must buy!!!

  2. Thanks Judy for the comment. I would buy a Total of 4 Pizzas (making each one $3.50 since you would be meeting the Buy 2 requirement) and then get the $2 OYNO Cpn when you check out. That is equal to a $.50 savings per pizza


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