Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dollar General

Great New Promotion for P&G Products

Coupons include:
1) $2.00 off Tide Pods
2) $1.50 off Pampers Baby Dry
3) $2.00 off any Gillette Razor (ex. Disposable)
4) $2.00 off any Venus Razor (ex. Disposable)
5) $1.00 off any Head & Shoulders Product
6) $2.00 off 2 Duracell 4ct or larger
7) $0.75 off Any Febreze product
8) $1.00 off Downy Unstoppables
9) $1.50 off Secret Clinical

Thursday, October 31, 2013

New Keebler & Kellogg's Cpn Booklet

There is a New Cpn Booklet out with Nice Cpns for the Holidays.
I found this yesterday at Martin's
It contains all Mfg cpns that do not expire until 1-31-14

$1/2 Keebler Crackers - 8 oz or larger
$1/4 Pringles Full Size Cans
$1/2 Rice Krispies Treats - 8 ct or lrger
$1/2 Wholly products (no size limits)
$.75/2 Dole Canned Pinapple Juice
$.50/1 Dole Fruit Crisps
$1/3 Dole Canned Fruits
$.55/1 International Delight Creamer
$1/1 Bag of Tyson Any'tizers snacks
$3/1 Classic Christmas Favorites DVD
$1/1 bag of Dove Promises Silky Smooth Chocolate
$1/3 2-liter bottles of 7Up or Canada Dry Ginger Ale

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

5 Lbs of White Potatoes = $.49 at Martin's & more Freebies

Giant Premium All Purpose White Potatoes - 5 lb bags on sale this week for $2.99

I got a Ecpn in my Martin's Account for $1.50 off any Giant Potatoe bag
then I put the potatoes in a transaction that I was doing and used a $1/1 produce cpn from the store ad itself - made my 5 lbs of potatoes = $.49

If you are not familier with the Ecpns - go to the Martin's web site and make sure you register your Martin's Card and ask to receive email updates.   Each week they vary.

I also got a $4.00 off any Giant Easy Peel Raw Shrimp Ecpn and plan on putting these in a transaction and using the in ad cpn for $1 off any Frozen Item.  The ad shows Large Raw Simple Peel Shrimp on sale for $7.99/lb and they come in 2 lb bags, so a bag will cost $15.98

My Transaction with the Shrimp and Potatoes will be:
Shrimp $15.98
Ecpn - $4.00
in ad cpn - $1/1 frozen

Potatoes $2.99
Ecpn - $1.50
in ad cpn - $1/1 Produce

(2) loaves - Giant White Bread - on sale for $1 ec
use (2) $1 off any product cpns - makes both loves of bread Free !

(1) Armour Original smoked sausage on sale for $1
use $1 off any meat cpn from the ad itself - means it will be Free !

OOP =  11.47

Progresso Soup - as low as $.32 a can at Martin's

Progresso Soups are on sale this week at Martin's - select Var for $.88 each
there is a limit of 8 per transaction.

for each transaction I do this week I plan on adding 2 cans X $.88 = $1.76
There are several cpn to help make your cost $.38 a can !
remember Martin's will Dbl the 1st like cpn of the Transaction - so get 2 cans and the cpn
dbls to $1 - making your OOP = $.76

$0.50/2 Progresso Soup, exp. 12/14/13 (SS 10/20/13)
$0.50/2 Progresso Soup, exp. 11/16/13 (SS 09/22/13)
$0.50/2 Progresso Soup, exp. 11/2/13 (SS 09/08/13 #2)

 $0.50 off TWO CANS any flavor Progresso Soups
$0.50 off TWO CANS any flavor Progresso Soups

If you have not done it yet and still have it loaded to your Savings Star Account - remember if you Buy 8 cans in (1) transaction it will meet the requirements for you to get a $2 deposit into your Savings-Star account !

Buy 8 cans X$.88 = $7.04
Use (4) $0.50/2 Progresso Soup, exp. 12/14/13 (SS 10/20/13)
Only the 1st cpn will dbl
OOP = $4.54 - get a $2 Savings Star Deposit
Like $2.54 for 8 cans = $.32 a can

Don't forget to use your in ad store cpns with every transaction you do this week !

Gevalia and Maxwell House Coffee a Great Deal at Martin's

The in ad cpns at Martin's make for some good coffee deals this week
Top of pg 5 - Buy 3 Get 1 Free - and most of the coffee's are priced at $6.99

Buy 4 = $27.96
Use (4) $1.50/1 Gevalia Coffee, exp. 11/2/13 (SS 10/06/13 R)
$6.99 will come off at the register as the 4th is Free from the deal
Use (2) $1 off Any Product in ad store cpn
OOP = $12.97 or $3.24 each

Maxwell House Canisters are also included at $6.99
Buy 4 = $27.96
Use (2) $1 off any product in ad cpn
(1) become free at the register from the deal itself
OOP = $18.97 or $4.74 ec

Again Make sure you are taking advantage of the other in ad cpns each time you do these deals

$1/1 Frozen cpn - could get you a Free Celeste Pizza or Free Giant Whipped Topping
$1 off any meat - look for small packs of sandwich meat
$1 off any produce - a cpl of bananas or another small fruit

Friendly's Ice Cream - good deal with in ad cpns

There are some really good gas deals this week at Martin's here is one I'm doing
Buy 7 Items will earn you $.20 off a gallon = $6 value when you pump all 30 gallons !

Buy 3 Friendly's Ice Cream X $2.50 = $7.50
Use (1) $1 off any frozen item - in ad cpn
Use (2) $1 off any item in ad cpn
Buy 4 Quaker Real Medley's x $1.33 = $5.32
use (2) $1/2 Quaker Real Medleys Bars or Oatmeal (RP 10/27/13 R)

OOP = $7.82 - earn $6 in gas

Make sure you take advantage of using the other in ad cpns during this transaction
$1 off any produce - pick up something small like a couple of banana's or and orange - something that will be Free
$1 off any meat - look for a small pack of sandwich meat

$.50 DiGiorno Pizza - What a deal !

I have great Coupon Trading Partners and my good friend Leah
recently sent me a Pizza Mail in rebate that I'm using with a
deal at Martin's this week on DiGiorno !

Pg 5 of the Martin's ad:
Get a Free Stouffer's Family Size Entree ($6.99 value) when you spend $20 on participating
Nestle Items

The Stouffer's Family Size is listed as part of the Participating Items that will count toward your $20 !

So my Plan is
Buy (1) Family Size Stoufer's = $6.99
Buy (3) DiGiorno Pizza's X $5.00 = $15.00
Total $21.99 (should meet the Spend $20 requirement)

Then I have (2) $1.50/1 IP's for the DiGionro that I printed and posted about a few days ago
Use: $1/1 Stouffer's Family, Large Family or Party Size Entree, exp. 11/30/13 (RP 09/08/13 R)
The Stouffers should come off at the register as Free ! so - $6.99
Use a $1 off any Frozen in ad store Cpn from the Martin's flyer
Use (2) $1/1 any Item in ad cpns from the Martin's Flyer
OOP = $8.00
I should get a $2.00 OYNO cpn when I check out for the DiGiorno
and I will be able to submit my Mail in rebate for Pizza and get $4 Back

The net effect it's like getting all (4) items for $2.00 or $.50 each

You can look at CouponNetwork for the  OYNO deal running on DiGiorno presently at Martin's thru 11-3-13
Buy (2) get a $1 OYNO
Buy (3) get a $2 OYNO
Buy (4) get a $3.00 OYNO

Note: I have not completed this transaction yet but I will report back when I do.

Update: - I did this transaction Wed Eve and the Catalina did not print and the Stouffers did not come off as Free - I had to go to Customer Service to Resolve.

Great Deal on Pantene at Martin's - It's a Money maker

I love Martin's this week. (10-27-13)  There are lots of Great Deals to be had !

If you like Pantene products there is a great rebate to pair up with a couple of the deals !

Buy $50.00 of P& G Beauty Products and Get a $15 Prepaid Visa Card !

With regards to the Pantene !~
Pantene Shampoo, Conditioner and Styling Products are all part of a Spend $15 get $3 ISO Deal and they are on sale for $3.50

I purchased:
4 Shampoos X $3.50 = $14.00
4 Hair Sprays X $3.50 = $14.00
Used (4)  FREE Pantene Conditioner or Styler Product wyb Pantene Shampoo Product, exp. 10/31/13 (SS 09/15/13)
Used (2)  $3/2 Pantene Product, exp. 10/31/13 (P&G 09/29/13)
Used (2) in ad cpns for $1 off any product.
Got the $3 ISO at the register !
This Made my OOP = $3.00 or $.38 each

and I have $28 to apply to the rebate above.  

Do this transaction again - you will have spent $6.00 OOP and qualified for the $15 MIR - making this a Money Maker of $9.00

There are some Printable Cpns to Make use of if you don't have enough insert cpns
$2.00 off TWO Pantene Repair & Protect Shampoos

$0.75 off Pantene Shampoo or Conditioner product

$2.00 off TWO Pantene Shampoos or Conditioners

$1.00 off ONE Pantene Styler or Treatment product

Monday, October 21, 2013

Cheap Cereals and Folgers Coffee at Martin's - $.99 Cheerios and more

Martin's has some good Cereal  deals the week of 10-20-13

Get some Cereal for $.99 after these Cpns Double at Martin's

Cheerios - 8.9 oz $1.99 - get it for $.99 after the Dbl

$0.50 off ONE BOX Original Cheerios cereal

$0.50 off ONE BOX Original Cheerios cereal
$0.50/1 Cheerios Cereal, exp. 11/16/13 (SS 10/06/13 R)

Cinnamon Toast Crunch 12.2 oz $1.99 - become $.99 after the cpn dbls

$0.50 off ONE BOX Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal

$0.50 off ONE BOX Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal

This is a Good deal on Folgers and Cereal !
On page (1) of the Martin's flyer - in the fine print under the General Mills Cereal pictures
it also lists some POST cereals that are on sale for $1.99 - Cocoa or Fruity Pebbles, Raisin Bran, Golden Crisps and Honey Comb.

Grab the in ad store Cpn for Folgers at $1.49 then use this Mfg - which will dbl and makes your coffee $.99 !
$0.25/1 Folgers Coffee Product, exp. 10/31/13 (RP 09/29/13)

Grab (2) of the Post Cereals on sale for $1.99 X 2 = $3.98
$2.50 off Post Cereal (2) AND Coffee, exp. 11/24/13 (SS 10/13/13)

Total OOP for the 2 cereals and 1 coffee = $2.47

$1.50 Off DiGiorno Pizza Printable Coupon and OYNO deal working together

There is a Great DiGiorno Cpn to Print this
Morning - Click Here and change the Zip code to 77477

This is the Image of it !

It's a good match for the OYNO deal currently running
thru 11-3-13
Buy DiGiorno Pizza (any 12" package)
Buy (2) get a $1.00 OYNO
Buy (3) get a $2.00 OYNO
Buy (4) or more get a $3 OYNO
Per CouponNetwork - I see this working at Food Lion,
Kroger and Martin's among the stores I like to shop at.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Free Hefty Slider Bags Mail in Rebate

Be on the look out for this Mail in Rebate Offer.
I found it on a cardboard free standing display with
the product in the display near the meat dept at Martin's

Buy (1) Hefty Slider Bag, Winter Prints 17 ct gal storage or 22 ct
quart Storage pkg of Hefty Slider Bags Winter Prints, between 9-1 and 1-31-14

Get a Check back in the mail for up to $3.99 !

Monday, September 30, 2013

$.50 Barilla Pasta

Select Barilla Pastas Are on sale this week at Martin's for $1
Grab this IP and make them $.50 each

Save $1.00 when you buy any TWO (2) boxes of BARILLA Pasta

Save $1.00 when you buy any TWO (2) boxes of BARILLA Pasta

Also insert cpns
$0.55/2 Barilla Pasta, exp. 11/2/13 (SS 09/08/13 #2)

McCormick Seasonings included in the Spend $10 get $3 ISO

There is a McCormick Spend $10 get $3 ISO this week
on pg 4 of the Martin's Ad.  It includes lots of things that
are not in the ad itself.

I saw these tags under the Packs of seasonings that are on sale for $.50
without cpns, buy 20 packs = $10 Get $3 ISo makes them $.35 ea

There were also signs under the recipe Inspirations that are on sale for $1.

Classico OYNO at Martin's thru 11-2-13

Classico Products had Buy 3 get a $2 OYNO
notice under them at Martin's on Sunday
It runs thru 11-2-13

There is a insert cpn match also
$1/3 Classico Product, exp. 10/19/13 (SS 09/08/13)

Windex OYNO at martin's thru 11-2-13

Lots of Windex Items with Shelf tags saying Buy 3 get a $2 OYNO
thru 11-2-13.   I did not try this with the items in the Spend $20 get $5 ISO
sale this week at Martin's but I plan on investigating it More..

Don't Forget Windex is part of this $5 Savings Star offer - so make sure you have it loaded before you shop

Save $5.00 when you spend $20.00 on any SC Johnson Home Cleaning Products including Drano®, fantastik®, Pledge®, Scrubbing Bubbles®, Shout® and Windex® products..Expires 10/16/2013.Save $5.00.

Save $5.00 when you spend $20.00 on any SC Johnson Home Cleaning Products including Drano®, fantastik®, Pledge®, Scrubbing Bubbles®, Shout® and Windex® products..Expires 10/16/2013.Save $5.00.

Matching Insert Cpns:
$1/2 Windex Product, exp. 11/17/13 (SS 09/22/13)

Free Suave Professionals At Martin's

This week Martin's has Suave Professionals Shampoos and Conditioners on sale for $2

There is a $1.50/1 Cpn in this past weekends inserts to use  and there is a Buy 2 get a $1 OYNO deal running that makes them FREE !

The shelf tags were under the larger sizes of the Professionals Shampoos, however I purchased the ones on sale for $2 and Used the $1.50 mfg and I got the $1 OYNO Cpn.  The OYNO runs thru 10-5-13

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Halloween is just around the corner
Get a Free Trick or Treat Bag !

York Photo Free Tote Bag. Great for Halloween, groceries, beach vacations, trips to the park, picnics, and more! Plus get 40 free prints.

Expires October 31st 
New Customers Only
Shipping for Tote Starts At: $3.99 


$1.50/1 Hellman's Tangy Dressing - Exp 12-31-13

I have not seen this Hellman's in our local
stores yet, but this is a great HV cpn to get

It's a MFG and prints with a Exp date of 12-31-13

Click Here and Change the Zip code to 77477

and look for the image below.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Great Coupon Reset

This great Coupon has reset and
is still a MM at Martin's Thru Saturday 9-12-13
in gas rewards category - Buy 3 =$7 before cpns earn $12 in Gas
based upon pumping 30 gals.

$1.00 off any one package Better Than Treats

$1.00 off any one package Better Than Treats

Monday, September 16, 2013

$.99/1 Kraft Fresh Takes Printable - Matches the $5 Meat Deal

Click Here and Change the Zip Code to 43201

To Find the $.99/1 Fresh Takes Cpn that is a match for the Meat ISO this Week

I just printed it !

Here is the Image:

Martin's had lots of cpns to pick up

Martin's was full of great Cpns, blinkies and peelies on Sunday 9-15-13

Here are some of what I found:

$1/1 any Package of Maxwell House Coffee Singles Serve Cups - Exp 11-5-13
$1/1 Waterfruits 8 Pack - Exp 12-6-13
$1/1 Natrel Lactose Free Milk - Quart - Exp 11-15-13

$.60/1 Goya Adobo - Exp 11-15-13 - which is a nice match in the Savings-Star Deal:
Save $5.00 when you spend $20.00 on any GOYA® food products. Choose from great products such as GOYA® Beans, GOYA® Rice Mixes, GOYA® Adobo, GOYA® Green Olives, GOYA® Olive Oil, GOYA® Frozen Products and 100's of others! And please visit for easy

$.55/1 Bumble Bee Sensations Seasoned Tuna Medley - Exp 12-31-13

$1/1 Sorrento Galbani Cheese - 8 Oz or Larger - Exp 12-31-13 -
I really likes finding this Cpn as they had 1 Lb blocks of Sorrento Mozzarella
Reg $5.99 - sale  Priced $3.49 - use the $1/1 blinkie - Makes it $2.49 a LB !
If you can't find the blikie use: $1/1 Sorrento Fresh Mozzarella, exp. 9/30/13 (SS 06/16 R)
There is also a $1/1 IP on their Site

Peelie: Free (up to $1.35) (1) Cup Yoplait Greek yougurt wyb (2)
Nature Valley Protein Crunchy Granola, NV Protein Chewy Bars, NV Chewy
Granola Bars w. Yogurt OR Fiber One Protein Chewy Bars - Exps 8-9-14

This is a great Blinkie for this Week as it Works with the $5 Instant Off Meat/Seafood
offer in the Paper !

Buy 5 Kraft Fresh Take - get a large pack of boneless Chicken (use the in ad cpn making it
$1.79/lb) get $5 off the Chicken because of the $5 ISO deal and use 5 blinkies - makes for almost free chicken.

Kraft $5 Meat/Seafood/Poultry ISO making me Crazy

I'm losing my mind !
The $5 ISO deal at Martin's on Meat/chicken/seafood this week
Contains Items that are not in the Ad.  This is a photo of the Homestyle
Mac and Cheese that is included and Priced at $2.25.

Now here is the weird part - I did two separate Trans - both including:

5 Homestyle Mac & Cheese X $2.25 =$ 11.25  (should earn a $5 ISO)
5 Kraft Fresh Takes X $2.50 = $12.50  (Should earn a $5 ISO)
Total:  $23.75

Lrg Pack of Boneless Chicken Breasts - Using the store cpns in the ad to make it $1.79/lb
B1G1 Sirloin steaks
I used the $1/1 Fresh Take Blinkies
when I checked out the Transactions on the Meat Make NO SENSE

First Receipt:
Bonless Chicken $20.16
Bonus Buy Sav -$9.88
CP Loyalty Disc - $7.25  (I sould think this should have been $5 from the ISO ????)
Pay $3.03

Steak $12.53
Free - Due to B1G1 Sale

Steak:  $13.12
CP Loyalty Discount - $5  (this is from the ISO)
Pay $9.12


Boneless Chicken $21.10
Bonus Buy Saving - $10.34
CP Chck CC - $2.35
Pay $8.41

Steak $17.52
Free due to B1G1 Sale

Steak $18.31
Loyalty Disc - $5.79

My thought about this deal was that the $5 ISO meat deal was Colliding with the $5 wyb $20 ISO Deal on the Kraft Mac and Cheese --- BUT I have looked at these receipts until I'm blind and it still does not make sense.    I did not go to customer service and ask them to explain it...because I knew there was no way they could (LOL)

ANYONE....ANYONE  - See something I'm not seeing ????

Here is a photo of the Mac & Cheese.

Also FYI - when I did a single Transaction with just (5) Shake N Bake
The $5 ISO did not come off at all - so I went to CS and they
gave me the $5 back.

Free Finish - with Mail in Rebate Peelie

I found these peelies at Martin's 9-15 on boxes of  Finish

Buy (1) 20 count or 12 Count Package of Finish Detergent Powerball tabs or Gelpacs
Get a Check in the Mail for up to $4.50 - offer Exps 12-13-13

I love Free !

New Snack Coupon Booklet - Exps 10-31-13

New Cpn Booklet - all Mfg Cpns and they all exp 10-31-13
I found these at Martin's in a cardboard display on an end cap.

$1/2 Sunshine Cheez-It Baked Snack Crackers (9.75 oz or lrger)
$1 off Buns wyb (4) Pringles Full Size Cans
$1 off in the Deli Section wyb (2) Keebler Club Crackers (11 oz or lrger)
$1 off Dip wyb (2) Keebler Town House Crackers (9 oz or lrger)
$1/3 Keebler Cookies (6.6 oz or lrger)
$1 off Bottled Water wyb (2) Kelloggs Rice Crispy Marshmallow Squares
$1/2 Wholly Products
$1/2 New York Bread Frozen Products
$1/1 Tabasco Product (any size, any flavor)

Mariani Dried Fruits at Martin's - great price

Sorry this photo did not come out better

Various Mariani Dried Fruit displays were around the
store at Martin's with great prices - This one
was Cranberries for $1.50 a bag.
That's over 50% off without a Cpn

Baking seasoning is coming and I love
these in Salads

There is a $.50 Facebook cpn available

The Newest Coupons !