Friday, January 18, 2013

HOT Kellogg's Cpns ! and great Deal on Pop Tarts

Get these Kellogg's MFG's
This morning - Don't worry that they have the Store name on them
They are MFG Cpns and can be redeemed at ANY store.
to get this Cereal Cpn
This printed with a 30 day Exp date
I'm also that most of you have Signed Up for Kellogg's Family Rewards but if not
Don't miss this great Savings Tool !
You enter codes from inside Kellogg's Boxes and Earn points 
which you can then redeem for High Value Kellogg's Cpns
Sign up right thur this link.  
Kellogg's Family Rewards
Hot Deal on Pop Tarts at Martin's - $1 A Box
Martin's has Pop Tart's all Var as part of the Buy 7 get $5 Kellogg's ISO deal on pg 3 of the ad
You can get some $1/3 Pop Tart Cpns and a $.40/1 for the New Pop Tarts Oatmeal
There are also some New Kellogg's Cereals coming out and some HV cpns for them thru the same link
So the deal would be
Buy 7 Boxes of Pop Tarts x $2 = $14
Use (2) $1/3 IP's from above link
$.40/1 Oatmeal (will dbl to $.80)
Get $5 Instantly Off
OOP = $6.20 or $.89 EACH
Better Yet would be if you have enough points thru the Kellogg's Family rewards program above to redeem and get (5) of the $1.50/1 Pop Tart cpns
the Deal could be
Buy 7 X $2 = $14
(5) $1.50/1 Cpns
(2) $.40/1 Oatmeal IP's (first will dbl)
Get $5 ISO
OOP = $.30 for 7 Boxes

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