Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Save $2 on Milk and More under zip code 33434

I love finding Hidden coupons to print under
specific zip codes ! 

Click Here and change the Zip code to 33434
& find these 3 coupons this AM

If you are not sure how to change zip codes -Once you get to
look for the tab at the top that says "Local" - click on it and then a box will
appear that you can enter a zip code in.  Put in 33434 and hit Apply.  Once you
have done that then look back at the top and Hit the COUPONS tab and you will
now see that coupons available for zip code 33434

These are just the images of the cpns - use the link above to
find and print them

Expires 8-1-13

Expires 8-1-13

Prints with Exp date of 8-31-13

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