Sunday, February 26, 2012

Buy Potatoes and Ground Beef and Get $3 back in the Mail !

Virginia is a great state to live in and the beer companies often sponsor mail in rebates, that do not require you to purchase beer.  You must purchase specific items and submit the original cash register receipts(s), and occasionally the UPC code from the package, along with the original mail in rebate form and you will get a check back in the mail !

This is a wonderful new rebate that starts today - Get $3.00 back in the mail when you purchase ONE (1) bag of Potatoes and any GROUND MEAT (your minimum purchase must be $6.01).  This is a 50 % return.  The rebate is Sponsored by Killian's Irish Red and runs from 2-26-12 thru 3-17-12.  It is good only in AR, KY, MO, NC, UT, VA and WV - so be on the look out in your stores beer isle for these types of rebates.  I found this one at Kroger in Harrisonburg.

I plan on using the Sale at Martin's that begins today to purchase the items needed to meet the purchase requirements of this rebate.  5 lbs of  all purpose potatotes will be on sale for $2.50 so I will grab a bag !  Then I will be taking advantage of the Kraft Instant Savings deal located on page 4 of the Ad to purchase the Ground Meat.   This deal requires you to purchase any 5 (mix or match) of the items in the photo section of the ad. When you do you can also get a package of Fresh Meat or Seafood and you will get a $5 discount on the Meat or Seafood ! The best way to take advantage of offers like this is to purchase a package of meat or seafood as close to $5 in total as possible.

I happen to have Coupons of course that will help with my purchase and to keep my cash out of pocket total low so here is my plan.

Buy Four HomeStyle Kraft Mac and Cheese (4 X $2) = $8.00
Buy One Shake N Bake $2.00
Use Four $.75/1 Mac and Cheese Coupons, the first one will double to $1 and the other 3 will come off at face value.
Use One $.50/1 Shake N Bake Coupon - which will double to $1.00
Find a package of Ground Beef (as close to $5.00 as possible), so for math lets say $5.99
One - 5lb bag of Potatoes $2.50
The register will give me $5.00 Instantly
So My Out of Pocket Cash will be:  $9.24
And I will have a receipt that I can use to submit the Mail in Rebate and Get $3.00 back in the Mail.

I can use the receipt because the value of the the pototes and the ground beef will meet the minimum purchase requirements.   The fact that I am taking advantage of a store promotion that gives me a discount on the meat does not matter.  When you submit the rebate you will be circling the prices of the items on the top of the receipt not the coupons or discounts you receive.

So for all this food my net cost will be $6.24 (plus the cost of the stamp to mail the rebate)

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